The objective of Against Politics is not to promote a narrow political perspective but to identify obstacles to rational conduct and peaceful human interaction such as religion, ideology, and (electoral) politics.

When Against Politics was launched in the year 2000 its purpose was to promote (strong) contractarianism in moral philosophy and philosophical anarchism. In particular, the website made available biographical and bibliographical information on writers like David Gauthier, Jan Narveson, and Anthony de Jasay. Against Politics also made an effort to organize and systematize (online) writings on related topics such as dispute resolution without the state and polycentric law.

Over time the need for such a website diminished as many of these articles were collected in books and/or referenced in Wikipedia entries. In addition, in 2004 the Liberales Institute created a website for Anthony de Jasay to present his writings to the general public. Instead of continuously revising and updating the contents of the website to reflect these developments, Against Politics was relaunched in 2008 as a blog with the aim of generating original content inspired by those interests and to explore new interests.